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About me



Welcome to my parent company site. You can read more about me here: The mother behind the scenes of the Mother Company. 

I would like to tell you how I came up with the idea to start the Mother Company and what I would like to do for you on - and offline.

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My story

On February 14, 2006 I became a mother. At the time, I didn't realize that this would change everything in my life. It seemed pretty natural to me to be a mother. In fact, I knew little about motherhood. And in fact I hadn't thought much about the impact on my life and hadn't really been aware yet

a plan or idea about how I would like to shape this with my now ex-partner.


In 2008 and 2010 and later in 2015 I became a mother three more times. I am the mother of four very beautiful sons. And since 2019 I am no longer with the father of my children.


Through trial and error I learned more about motherhood. There is no right way to be a mother. There is also no 'wrong' way. Becoming a mother and growing in motherhood is a unique process. It takes place in yourself and in relationship with your child, your partner and your environment. We live in a time when everything seems possible, but in practice we find that that freedom is limited. It was often for me that I was behind the times, or even taken over by the issues of the day. Big wishes gave way to small moments for myself that I learned to cherish. I slowly got to know myself in the new role of mother. Although I learned to accept myself in my new role, I noticed that our society is not exactly mother-friendly. It even felt like a disadvantage that I was a mother at times. I did not dare to share my pregnancies in all their glory at work and they were not received that way. When I worked from home (in my parent company) after my contract was not renewed after my second pregnancy, people wondered if I didn't think it was a waste for my personal development because I was no longer doing anything. I also got to know other mothers who recognized themselves in my story.


My motherhood meant a lot to me. I couldn't imagine a place at the time where I could do more important work than I did at home. It just didn't feel like work. I even felt a little useless and meaningless. I only realized later that this was because of society that does not value women in their role as mothers. And this openly communicates so. Women should contribute more to society; as if raising children is not a major contributor. The idea of the Mother Company was born then. I want to mean something to mothers. I want them to feel seen and valued. I want to teach mothers how to authentically shape their Mother Company. I want them to learn to follow their instincts and trust them. I want every mother to know that there is no standard way, even though parenting books sometimes lead us to believe that.


My children do not always do well in the eyes of society. They came home from school. I became a home teacher. I learned that what is good for one child may not work for another child. I became more non-judgmental and more supportive of seeing everyone's individuality. With these experiences I want to help mothers to find their way back to themselves. That way is always the right one.

Even if it is different from that of another mother.



This site is intended for all mothers worldwide. Through free training and fun download I hope to support you in your parent business. Sometimes everything works differently and sometimes you need more than this. If you would like to speak to me personally about this and you are always welcome to contact me. 


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